catering & tiffin services

time to open my tiffin box..................

introducing ( G B S TIFFINS ). committed to serve bengaluru people with lunch, dinner or both on monthly basis. highly maintained quality, taste & hygiene. specially for people who have no time to cook and loves to eat home food rather than outside, which costs a lot more than our price.
choose your tiffin box......

diet box

a healthy food to maintain your health

  • includes veg & non - veg
  • monday - saturday
  • free delivery & collection of tiffins
  • 2 personal tiffins provided

4 box meal

specially for students and people living alone in the city,who cant cook for any reason.

  • includes veg & non - veg
  • 4 box tiffin
  • different items in lunch & dinner
  • monday - saturday
  • free delivery & collection of tiffins
  • 2 personal tiffins provided

office lunch

a balanced meal, easy on pockets too

  • only veg
  • 2 box tiffin
  • Chinese/north & south Indian cuisines
  • monday - friday
  • free delivery & collection of tiffins
  • 2 personal tiffins provided

for our clients & customer knowledge

clean & hygiene maintained kitchen & staff.

we also operate with two kitchens to  cook veg and non-veg dishes, to maintain our client & customers satisfaction.

separate tiffins alloted to every single customer.

we provide 2 tiffins to every customer with name & id to offer transparency & satisfaction

some showcase items we use for cooking

our catering

The   complete   catering   solution for any of your family  or   corporate events like weddings, parties, get to-gathers,           religious functions etc.

We currently operate in  Bangalore and have plans for               expanding soon to other major cities. 

Are you planning an intimate gathering or a formal corporate event? We will work with you step by step, to ensure that          catering for your event is a memorable one.         

Our commitment to your satisfaction is evident from the moment you call until the last guest leaves the party.

We ensure that Our food & beverage is prepared with natural     ingredients and fresh produce.

Our food does not contain preservatives and artificial colours

Food prepared in fresh batches & hygienic environment

Mandatory periodic health check-up to the staff done

We focus on superior quality service to our clients